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Whats good DGC? Hope all is well with everyone. Thank you everybody for the knowledge and experience you all bring to the diner table. I’ve been looking at mini split ac/heat pumps and have that figured in, but I’m not sure what size ill need. For my flower light I run an hlg 550 v2 r spec. I clone with a t5 and veg under an outdated viparspectra v600. I have 3 ac infinity cloudline t4s and 1 4″ phresh carbon filter. I also run a few fans. In this whole transition, I know I will need to get a source of co2 if I make this a sealed room. If someone can help me out, I been going in circles with this throughout this whole harvest… I don’t know where to go from here. I do not know if I should use polyisio foam board inside of the wall bays, and use window spray foam to fill gaps between foam board and the wall studs. Or do I use fiberglass insulation and poly on the inside of the shed? Or should I bite the bullet and get someone out here to closed cell spray foam the 5×10 grow area?

I started growing a few years ago, right before cannabis was legalized in Massachusetts. I grew perpetually, indoors, with passive intake and exhaust. I’ve recently moved to prohibition land, in climate zone 7b and want to step my game up. We just purchased a piece of land and a house so my plans are for a permanent grow. I have a 10×16, uninsulated, raised shed. I am wanting to frame a wall to block off a 5×10 grow area. With that 5×10 area, I want to make a 2×5 area on one side for cloning and veg. That will leave me with ample room for flowering, which I do in a 3×3 raised bed.

Much Respect