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Hey everybody in the DGC,

First off I just wanna thank everybody involved in the show as well as this community¬† it saved me from throwing in the towel with my first grow and it’s been awesome learning all this info in the world of growing. It’s by far the best podcast to listen to first thing in the morning, kind of like your typical wacky morning radio show featuring Wolfman Jack but for dank ass nugs. I was previously listening to another podcast(let’s just say they focus on being inexpensive) and the guy from there either doesnt fully read my question or just doesnt have all the right info, which just gets me back to being unsure about what to do, so here I am making another post on the DGC looking for help.

So my original post also made comment about the grow store guy giving me shit for asking a question on a Saturday and on the show you made a couple cracks about asking grow store owners questions about an amazon purchase. The funny thing is I was just using that for ease of info in my post, what’s even more funny is previously I bought all my gear from said grow store and since he gave me shit ive resorted to buying everything on Amazon now and staying away from grow stores(Again DGC is my only go to for information now). But of course I had to fall back into my old ways hoping for a solution.

So after that mouthful here’s onto my question. So originally I had lockout due to a high pH in my water. All you great souls out there told me to adjust the pH and then hit it with a compost tea or some kind of feeding. Since then I’ve been using lime juice to bring down my water from 8.8 to 6.5 and my goal today was to find something I could use that wouldn’t require me to make a compost tea or just something I can feed these ladies as was recommended. Now heres where it gets interesting, went into one grow store to ask what I should do here, different guy than before, he tells me lime juice ain’t gonna work, sells me some pH down. Also wanted to get some pH pen storage solution but they’re out and he sends me to Another grow store for that. While I’m there I explain my situation and show my pictures, another customer there gives me a general rundown of proper mixed soils and that the pH down(advanced nutrients brand) I just bought is the thing that ain’t gonna work and he recommends sticking with the lime juice and that my plants are deficient and too dry(I watered day before pics are taken). So I pick up some Gaia Greens 4-4-4 to top dress.

So which is it guys? Stick with lime juice for pH and topdress OR just use the pH down and be good or both?