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Tent access. During this flowering  stage I used a small veg bar to illuminate the tent for 1/2 hour before lights ON and also the extend the 12 hrs with 1/2 hour extra low light of  the light bar. During this low light period I can perform all necessary duties early or late in the day. I hate to work under strong UV light with glasses over my own glasses. Good visibility is key in the grow. This light scheme seems to have done no harm and as a matter of fact there are so many trichomes on leave edges I thought I had a watering problem until I looked up close. My second grow, the living soil is grown with amendments from Build a Soil and Recharge weekly. Mammoth 🦣 p during flowering. Spring water feed with Blumat system.  Current images are from week 6. 2 plants, Gorilla girl is skinny Sativa hybrid. Do si dos is an Indica hybrid with slightly broader leaves.