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Dear Dude, Scotty, Guru, et al,

I have a 2×4 veg tent and 4×4 flower tent in the same tiny basement room (but it works). I just finished up a great manifold grow of GG4, blue dream, and MK ultra (complete with 6 star bubble hash at the end). I love the idea of making my own seeds and then fucking around with crosses/amateur breeding ect. So I bought 2 seeds of 7 fem strains from kindbudfarms (thanks Dude coupon) and have 7 strains currently vegging in 2 gal fabric pots. The plan is to make female pollen from them with colloidal silver, then plant the second seed I got of each strain and pollenate that plant. My goal is to make 30-50 seeds of each strain, as well as do some crossing for fun, as well as get some decent seed-free bud out of it. Sound like a feasible plan? Also – what crosses would you guys recommend?? Strains I have are GG4, blue dream, MKultra, tropical cookies, skittles, white widow, and watermelon punch. Lastly – How much of each 2gal potted plant should i pollenate to get about 50 seeds of each strain (plus some crosses)? How should I train the plants? I was thinking of an 8 pronged manifold/mainline and pollenating 4 of 8 main branches. Thoughts?

I’m an east coast ER doctor and started growing back in April (long time stoner) when COVID hit. I discovered that grow-therapy has been an amazing way to deal with/process all the shit that has happened at work since then. I’ve been listening to you guys since the summer and love it – I feel like you’re my old stoner buddies from med school who I can’t hang out with as much anymore due to long distance.

My inspiration for this post was the conversation regarding snake bites on WakeNBake 1150. This is one of the few times I could actually correct Guru on your show (no offence Guru – you significantly elevate the scientific street-cred of the show) – using tourniquets has fallen out of favor for snake bites! They found that compressing the artery leads to more damage than it helps. The best thing to do is just to apply a compressive bandage over the bitten limb (like an ace wrap – but not too tight, you want to be able to squeeze a finger under there and only compress veins/lymph and not arteries). Then put a splint on it. Things that make it worse are moving around (so hold still) and booze. Get to an ER!

Thanks so much!! Keep being awesome!!