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so i first posted this about 7 weeks ago. here i am chuggin along beautifully. lights out night 1 of flowering commenced at 730 am this morning. did a flowering top dress and trimmed them up. right before lights out i sprayed with a light dose of regalia, grandevo, and optic foliar transport. next week i will spray regalia, venerate, and transport. i dont have any visible problems so im going on the low dosage. this grow has been very smooth so far plant wise. my ac went out 2 weeks ago so ive been dealing with that accordingly but im having to be so much more prepared and sneaky given ac repair guys popping up without me knowing when they will…. i hate renting. anyway im super stoked so far. 4 strains from seed, 2 of an unknown strain, 2 other different strains unknown, and one jack herer. all seeds from the past year of my mom finding seeds in her dispo jars. i started this grow for her. the cancer finally took her. she has since passed 2 weeks ago now. she only kept seeds from batches she thought was above average. im hoping one is male so i can make some seeds to carry her strain appeal with me now throughout the rest of my days. cannabis is the worlds best medicine. keep growing , smokin, and watching prohibition fall down!