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I started using these reuseable elastic scrog nets from Grower Scrog Nets a few months ago.  I really like them so I thought I’d spread the word!

They are just like your typical scrog nets except they are made out of elastic bungee type material.  This makes them not only reusable, but also super flexible and easy to use.

The kit comes with two nets, one with smaller holes and one with slightly larger holes (about 4” and 6”).  The net with smaller holes works great for spreading out the canopy, and the second net with the larger holes makes a great second layer to help support your big ol’ nugs.

The kit also comes with durable metal hooks so you can attach them to the poles in your grow tent.  This makes it really easy to install a net, and allows you to easily slide it up and down to adjust the height.

Durable metal hooks for easy grow tent installation. Included in each kit.

1st layer of net installed in my 2×4 tent. The net kits can be adapted to work in just about any size grow.

The nets are about 4×4, but they can be stretched to fit a 5×5.  You can also move the mounting hooks in to use them in smaller space, or attach two net kits together to use them in a larger space like a 4×8.

If you aren’t growing in a tent, you can use some PVC pipe and washer head screws to build your own support frame.  This works especially well if you are growing in fabric beds with PVC frames like I am.

It was really easy to build this simple PVC frame for my beds, and the elastic scrog nets stretch perfectly to fit.  I used some washer head screws to create additional anchor points for the net to pull it tight.

Freshly installed net, right after transplanting into the bed.

Same plant about 2 weeks later! The pvc frame is about 3×5 and almost full.

Probably time to flip this room to flower!  Then I can add another level of PVC frame and install the second layer of nets to help support the canopy as the flowers put on weight.

Washer-head screws help secure the net to my custom PVC frame. This works especially well with the flexible elastic nets!

Created by DGC!

Grower SCROG Nets were created a home grower and DGC member.  I actually met the creator while partying at Scotty’s house!

He grows his own and he saw a need for a better scrog net, so he created one and brought it to market so we can all benefit.  That’s pretty awesome, and definitely worthy of our support!  👍

Help support your fellow DGC members! Support their businesses and buy their products!

For more info on SCROGing and growing an even canopy, check out the Grow Tip of the Week articles I wrote on the subject by clicking the images below.  (and check out the rest of the free tips and content while you are there!)


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