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Hey DGC!  I’m very pleased to announce the launch of….

GrowersLove.com – A place for cannabis growers to Learn, Grow, Love and Connect!

Growing my own cannabis has been one of the most wonderful and rewarding things I’ve done in my life.  I created this site to help others discover the joy of cannabis gardening and to help gardeners find their place in the cannabis community.  Learning to grow really changed my life, and I want to share that experience with as many people as I can!

Growing cannabis isn’t that hard, but it can be really difficult to know where to begin.  Well now there is a place to start…


The site is still a “work in progress”, but here what we plan to offer:

The LEARN section of the site will have articles, guides and other gardening resources to help you get started or to further develop your growing skills.

The GROW section of the site will feature growing gear and supplies.  We want to help new and experienced gardeners find success by connecting them with high quality grow gear.

The LOVE section of the site will feature good causes and groups working to make the world a better place.  We want to help spread the word about cannabis related groups doing good work, and show our community how they can get involved too!

The CONNECT section of the site will have resources to help growers make new friends and participate in the cannabis community.  Cannabis is more fun with friends!  Connect with the community and join the movement!

so in summary…

Our mission is to bring people together and share the joy of cannabis growing with everyone!

Heres some of the stuff on the site so far:

Coming soon:

  • More Guides and E-books
  • More Blog articles
  • Grow Gear and Gear reviews
  • More “new grower” content
  • and MUCH MORE that I’m not ready to talk about yet!

I hope you enjoy the site and find it useful.  Growing cannabis and connecting with the community has given me so much joy, I appreciate you helping me spread that joy to everyone!

Thank you DGC, for always being so awesome and supportive of my writing and other work here at Dude Grows!

Please tell your friends about Growers Love!  (and help them start a garden!)

Please consider buying a T-shirt or something from the store to help support our work!

Thank you for joining me on my mission to spread love and cannabis throughout the universe!

Growers Love!


Growers Love Logo T-shirt

Please consider buying a T-shirt or something from the Growers Love store! I’m not in it for the money, but I am trying to support myself by teaching people to grow their own! Please help me make this dream a reality!