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Hello DGC,

I live in Michigan and grow under the rec law currently. My father who just turned 71 was wondering if he could grow cannabis in the bog area in his koi pond. If you look at the pictures, the bog is where you see the Tuba and limestone separate the koi pond from the bog. There is a small river that pumps fresh moving water through that area. Small koi and other water creatures can go back and forth between the koi pond and bog area. My question can I just drop 25 gallons fabric pots in the bog area and let them grow. I currently use Coco Coir with my salt based nutrients REMOs line. I wouldn’t use nutrients since that would affect the koi.  I don’t want to kill the fish but wonder if they is going to be enough nutrients for full cycle.  Those fabric pots would just have Coco Coir and nothing else. Also the pond gets full sun all day at well.  What’s the DGC’s view on this?  I would love to hear from Scotty, The Dude and Guru about this one too. Let me know your thoughts on this people’s.  If my dad and I do this, I will definitely keep everyone updated with pictures and what not throughout.  Stay Elevated everyone and Happy growing.