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Hey guys I have a ton of questions and I’m not really sure where to start so I’m sure I’ll forget a lot and you’ll hear from me again sooner than later but I was listening to the episode on mistakes the other day and the dude was talking about how he started out growing any was growing intense started with one eventually got to four I’m in the same position I have four tents in one room I’m really trying to step my game up right now but I’m not sure how to do it I know the best way it would probably be just to lose the tents at this point I have plants in different phases and scrog out using the poles in the tent so that’s not really an option at least until after harvest and at this point I spent so much money on the tents I’d like to get at least one more run out of them if not oh well but my first question is CO2 is this possible in a situation like this I guess a little more about my setup so I have a smaller spare bedroom in my house probably something like 10 x 10 in which I have two three by three tents, one 2 x 4 and one 5 x 5 I am currently using one of the three by threes for a drying tent so I have my AC unit hooked up and vintage straight to that tent running at 60 degrees all day and I exhaust that tent into my room which then pushes that cool air into my tints keeping my tents cool. One of my first things I’m know I’m going to have to address I just don’t have the money right now is I am using a one hose AC unit I vented through a hole I cut in the closet I don’t know if I can do a mini split or not I was looking into getting a ductless mini-split but that is a ways down the road I definitely cannot afford it right now if I have to do something I could possibly upgrade to a two hose unit I originally started out with a AC unit in my window but I had smell problems in front of my house I live in prohibition land so that is a no-go back to my setup I run LEDs in all my tents I started out with all Mars hydro and have slowly been switching over 2 Quantum boards I have recently ordered all the lights to switch them over to Quantum boards I’m just waiting on them to get here so back to my question the CO2 thing how can I do it efficiently in my room for my three tents I’m growing in or is it not possible because of my AC unit? I already have the tank and regulator I just need to order the controller but have been debating on if it would be worth spending the money or not? I have recently ordered hlg lights to replace all of my blurple lights I’m just waiting on them to arrive I also picked up some humidity and temperature controllers I’m trying to figure out how I can be more energy efficient instead of leaving all of my fans running all of the time and humidity is a big struggle because I live in the desert.. anyway guys I’m sure I forgot a lot and sorry if it’s jumbled and doesn’t make sense I did all this with talk to text while working I’m sure you’ll hear from me again sooner than later any input or help would be muchly appreciated thanks guys