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First off, thanks for everything. Your  show is a wealth of knowledge and good times. You are helping the betterment of mankind.

This message is mostly directed towards Scotty’s pepper growing problem. I’ve been wanting to chime in for months but, well, you know how it goes. I am growing peppers in the house, in a Martha style greenhouse. I have them in an Earthbox Jr with soil that was originally meant for other plants. Pro mix with mainly DTE amendments, earthworm castings and Recharge! These are Santa Fe Grande peppers. I believe most peppers require a certain amount of heat to activate flowering, around 85F or so. These are under a 50w COB and 30w of led grow lights. Might be just warm enough. I have serranos and habaneros in the same pot but only flowers thus far, no fruit. I also have a tiny habanero I’ve been growing in a pint sized container and it grew it’s  first pepper this past week. Might have just gotten lucky since it’s not particularly warm in the house this winter. Maybe it’s just because I live in the southwest.  Whatever the reason, I don’t have to get by on just eating the leaves. 

Oh yeah, and check out these mushies growing with my Cherry Pebbles auto by Wicked Pissah. Seed popped straight into the soil. More or less the same soil as the peppers. Seems like the rhizosphere is doing ok. I’ve been  getting one mushroom a day but this morning there were like 8. They must have liked that splash of Recharge and Roots Organic Trinity they got a couple days ago.

Peace, Health and Happiness