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How’s it going everybody? Haven’t made any posts on here to this point, but I happened to be on so why not. A little info about me: I’m a medically retired Vet with a spinal injury and several other issues. Been studying and learning for the past 3 years learning everything I could get my hands on in preparation of getting started. Long story short I finally have my first cycle going. I’m growing in a 4×8 grassroots living soil bed, gorilla grow tent, mixed my own soil, and lights are a diy build of Pacific Light Concepts’ Photoboost strips and RapidLed’s Exotic and Emerson boards .
So about a month ago now I lost a close battle buddy of mine from the Army. No cause of death was released which typically means suicide in the majority of instances. It’s been a hellish month trying to deal with it all, but growing has been one of the only ways I’ve been able to find peace.

My garden has been slowly being improved over the past couple months, but it’s been difficult through my injury and my emotional state. The plants in my garden have been through hell, so I know whichever looks and smokes great has been stress tested to the limit.

“‘88g13hp*88g13hp’ x Kandahar, Afghan”, Mountain Berry, Purple Dahlia, Sangria Punch. All by Dominion Seed Co. And one “StardawgxStardawg” gifted by a close friend.

I will try to post more in the future especially with flowering not too far in the future.

-Bro-Till Organics