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My plants are having a hard time can someone lend a hand?

Hey, so these plants have had one instance before where I was worried of pH lockout. They were to young to need food in my soil maybe 2-3 weeks so I took a guess and did what I had to do. I found a vinegar to neutral water pH dilution chart and followed it to water at...

Need a 2×4 LED

Hello again DGC, Hope everyone is good and healthy. With me having an Optic Slim 600H in my 4x4 and crushing it, now I am a believer of what high end lights can produce. So, I have been looking to replace my Blurple light that I have in my 2x4, for 4 months now, with...

Chugging along

What’s up what’s up what the Flip is up DGC!!!! Chugging along pretty well with this first run of living soil. Coast of Maine’s Stonington blend in 10 gals. And have to day I’m quite happy so far with the results. My lighting system is from the ect linear pro. Not...



What’s up DGC. I have a DIY rosin press, built with harbor freight bench top press, plates, and electrical from amazon. Works great for around $200.00. I know they are not a DGC Pro but Nug Smasher has a decarboxylation capsule that can be used with your press. It’s...

Outdoor Grow

This is my first year growing outdoors.  I'm running a few different strains, but my Afghan Outdoor seems to be growing the best!  The size and color of the leaves is absolutely amazing.  Including the smell, the Afghan has a strong eye watering smell that is epic. ...

RealGrowers Recharge Cannabis User Guide

Cannabis User Guide What is RealGrowers Recharge? All-natural organic RealGrowers Recharge is an ultra concentrated microbial superpack formulated to charge any growing media with specially selected colonies of beneficial bacteria and fungi with humic, fulvic and...

Indoor Cannabis S:8 E:9 The Flush!


Mystro’s Guide To Cannabis Nutrition

In the beginning, all 6-year-old mystro had of his own creation was a tree fort to escape my two sister's bullshit. I built it high up in an avocado tree on my family farm with sticks, branches and vines. My parents realized my creativity very young. Sitting alone up...

Cannabis Indoor 2017 S:5 E:10 The Winter Frost Has Come!!


Cannabis Indoor 2017 S:5 E:9 The Run Is Set!!


Scotty Real’s Song Parodies

A Complete Archive of Scotty Real's Song Parodies Featured on The Dude Grows Show as of August 27, 2017. Track List Below. https://youtu.be/tuZ9vK7QQbM Parodies Written By: Scotty Real Dank Sinatra wrote the So Much To Say parody Parodies Performed By: Eli Braden...

Cannabis Indoor 2017 S:5 E:7 Flower room is on!!!


Cannabis Indoor 2017 S:5 E:6 More Sexing has begun!



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Recharge is a microbial super inoculant that contains (all organic & in dry form): Kelp Extract, Humic | Fulvic | Amino Acids, Unsulfured Black Strap Molasses & the highest beneficial microbial count of ANY other product on the market, PERIOD!


How to make Rosin From Bubble Hash

In this video we cover how to make rosin from bubble hash.

Tea and Nutrient Brewing 101

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCVbPpWFXEE&w=560&h=315 I like to brew my tea for 24 - 48 hours before using it. The molasses feeds the microbes and helps increase your microbials. Martys Channel APMeds https://www.youtube.com/user/mwaddell6901/videos Steve Channel...

Growing With Fishes Podcast Episode 22 With Special guest Scotty Real of Dude Grows and Micah the Grower

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7C2jaQ5reMo&w=560&h=315 Martys Channel APMeds https://www.youtube.com/user/mwaddell6901/videos Steve Channel Potent Ponics https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRkqYlFzKpbCXreVKPYFlGg/videos Facebook group...


Repurpose huge heavy filter

I didn’t feel like paying the dump fee. I needed bamboo stakes out of the way. Cut mesh with grinder. The  Charcoal falls on ground and threw on the hose clamps. Quite fashionable. Really nice to not have bamboo leaning all over the place. Waiting to be tripped over....

Pasteurizing Soil

Need to pasteurize growing medium for some reason. Put it in a sealed bucket inside an oven bag. Leave out in your 130+ degree car for a few days. Good for seedlings and stuff.

Palate Cleansing

Hey everyone! Aromatics hack for judging cannabis. Scotty keeps talking about coffee or apple slices or something to have at competitions for a palate cleanser so thought I'd share a little trick I picked up a while back. The trick is to cover your nose with your...