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Soup’s New Flowering Room (Lots of pics!)

Soup’s New Flowering Room (Lots of pics!)

Hey DGC! So I've been pretty busy lately... Just finished some major upgrades so I thought I'd share the journey with the crew! I've been using a 6' x 21' room for my veg room for a while now.  When I started it was pretty rough, just 2x4s and exterior walls.  I've...


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Making Soil With Soup: Part 1, Soil Basics

Making Soil With Soup: Part 1, Soil Basics

Hey DGC!  I've heard a lot of chatter around the crew lately about making your own soil.  I'm not a college trained "soil expert" or anything like that, but I've been making my own mixes for a while now so I thought I'd share some of what I've learned.  My goal is to...

Is your voice being heard?

Is your voice being heard?

So this is a bit of a rant... My government has been letting me down lately and I'm a bit fired up today. Sorry 🙂 Scroll down to the bottom for the summary if you want, otherwise enjoy the rant! -Soup *Climbs up on soapbox*   Believe it or not, your government...

Take Better Pics! – Custom White Balance

Take Better Pics! – Custom White Balance

Hey DGC!  Your buddy Soup here, hoping to help you take some better pics!  I am a medical cannabis patient and legal medical grower in California and this post features some pics of my veg room.  Please excuse the unfinished walls and exposed wiring, my veg room is a...

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