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Meter Hack

Meter Hack

They say don't let your meters dry out , so I think this is a good thing anyway. Simply tape and some flex wire and wala! Bluelab! For 20$ on Amazon. Lol. I know it's nothing like that,and they are a sponsor I believe. And I'm shore there are people out there that...

DIY Bottom Draw Pump Adapter

DIY Bottom Draw Pump Adapter

Howdy Crew! Just thought I'd share my DIY bottom draw pump adapter. It's basically just a chunk of 1/2" pvc with a 'slip x 1/2" mnpt' on one side and an elbow with some holes on the other. Hopefully some of the crew will find this useful! Green thumbs up and growers...

DIY Drip Feed

DIY Drip Feed

Hello to all of the DGC, members, nonmembers, visitors, hosts, producers, tech, suppliers, well pretty much anyone seeing this post hello to you. I thought I would take some time today to show my fellow DGC how to create your own drip feed system for as about as cheap...


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No Solder Computer Fan Hack

No Solder Computer Fan Hack

by Rocketboy 9 Sometimes a little extra ventilation and air flow is needed in small grow cabinets that are used for sprouts, seedlings or clones.  When this comes up I like to use a computer fan for this job because they’re easy to hack and easy to find.  Below is a...

lunar Influence

lunar Influence

One aspect of agriculture that I have not heard in discussion is the lunar cycle. Ancient wisdom of planting by the moon. Some say that it is anecdotal and still up for conversation.  That is due to the limited understanding of the things we do not see. Just as the...

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