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DIY Tumble Trimmer

DIY Tumble Trimmer

Hey all, I figured I’d do a little write upon the DIY trimmer I built a couple weeks ago. I have been researching trimmers online for quite some time and one finally caught my eye. I grow perpetually, which means once a...


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Bed, Bath, and Beyond Grow Hack

Bed, Bath, and Beyond Grow Hack

Hey DGC, Not really a question but a Shout Out from the Beyond section at the Bed and Bath store. Found a neat little hack for a foiliar applicator. The Misto Olive Oil Sprayer. I don't have a big enough grow to justify using a 1/2 gal. sprayer and I don't really like...

The DIY LED Gavita Slayer Lives!!!

The DIY LED Gavita Slayer Lives!!!

WASSUP DGC!?!? I've had my head down, buried in building a Growmau5 inspired LED fixture for my 6x6 flowering room (Mega thanks and props to Growmau5, I owe you a smoke out homie). I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Thought I would share it with the group and...

I Overcame That Cali Heat

I Overcame That Cali Heat

Recently Jaamon posted to the DGC site about his tent heat and humidity issues which were similar to mine. I managed to deal with my humidity during flower without much of an issue, and I wrote on his original post to let him know what to do. Here is a video of how I...

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