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Bulb Mites?

Hello, I have recently found mites in my root zone and after hours of searching like a crack head with a 60x scope. They are only in the root zone. They move fairly slow. I have tried to kill them with mighty wash and hot water dunking the root zone. Mighty wash...

Need Electrical Help

What's up DGC. I'm just going to cut to the chase, lol. I got a 4 light controller that suggests I hardwire it to a 50 amp breaker. My question is, anybody know any good leads to a good electrician? Thanks for your help in advance.

Switching Lights Mid-Grow

Yo bros! I've got a small stealth grow with three autos in a 3x2x3 space with an Apollo 600w hps light. The bulb was well worn and finally died today. I can easily get a replacement bulb for it, but the light has been a little hot for the small space I have and I was...


Hey All! just got some beans from a friend. Blue Satellite, Headspace & Trig or TRG. It's my first grow and more prob only going to do one to three plants to start. My idea is an outdoor grow in 5 gallon pots when ready. Growing in pots in case they need to be...


Whats up guys, Hope everyone is doing well. I had a question regarding growing a CBD strain. I have yet to experiment with a CBD strain but have the possible chance of getting some Harlequin. When growing strains that target CBD, do they need to be grown any...

Controlling Smell Without A Tent

Hey guy's what's up? I'm a big fan of the show and Recharge! I finally talked my wife into letting me grow my medicine in our basement, instead of out in the shed, which sucked! I thought everything was going good until about week 6 into flower. Then the smell started...

Nutrient Mixing

I have 24 plants in 7 gallons under 6 1000watt hps. I feed them 1-1.5 gallon of food each time I feed out of a 35 gallon reservoir. When mixing the additives and nutrients in my res I add in this order for week 1 Pro Tek Silicate Emerald Harvest Micro Cal Mag Sensi...

Light Diet – Assembly Line 2.0

Hi all you great people of the DGC, and of course a dank greeting to the Dude, Scotty and our beloved Grow Guru. Following all the great advise I got on my question about light movers on my assembly line part 1 question I decided to buy some 315 CMH. Bought 2 with...

Mammoth P in California???

Why is it I can't buy Mammoth P in my grow store in California?? Mammoth P was generous to send a sample to my local grow store, but if I want to buy it then I have to order my door..? Don't get me wrong I'll do it, but I want to make sure the packaging is...

Didn’t Think This Through

Hello so just looking for some ideas on how I can get some of these ladies in the dark. So I'm only allowed to have 4 girls in flower at a time, that means I need to start flowering some of them now. Original plan was to use a dolly a drag them into an extra room...

Ethanol Extraction Experiment

Does anyone have any prior experience with using a centrifuge to spin solids out of (oil) out of Rick Simpson oil/ etoh extraction? I have access to 196 proof ethanol (beverage grade) and a centrifuge. I've made the ethanol extraction prior and kept most of it at its...


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