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10-10-10??? Leary, and burial

Whats up Guru? Dude, Scotty? Just finished the samples you gave me a while ago and re upped with some recharge. Diggin the new smell lol it reminds me of working at BP and cleaning around the coffee machine. So another podcast YOU BET YOUR GARDEN with Mike McGrath...

Spray Downs Didn’t Get Them All

Hey guys just about about the flip veg to flower and found white flies again. I want to invest in predators to get this problem taken care of. But there's several kinds of predators that seem to fit the bill. What do you guys recommend to use for white flies predator...

Push Through or Reset?

I realized about 4 weeks into flower i wasn't watering or feeding enough. I've had shitty luck in the past in soil with over watering so this my first time in coco (which i know is hard to over water) i really tried to air on the side of to dry and let the pot get...

LEC 315s VS LEDs

What up DGC. I was curious if anyone has done any side by sides between the 315s and LED? I know that 315s have a great price to them but how are the yield and trichome production between the 2? I know that a lot of people are learning the benefits of creating a...

Jack Herer

Hey fellas, I will thank you up front for everything you fellas have done and are doing. You're the best there is right now. Well done guys. So for my question: I am growing in a 5x5 Gorilla grow tent, two 315 LEC sunsystem lights, coco/perlite, drain-to-waste, 60...

Cannabis Industry

Hey guys, First of all, thank you so much. You guys are doing more than many people know and realize. I mean, for the cannabis industry, duh, but even more than that as well. So thank you, please don't stop anytime soon. I wanted to just bring up a topic that I am not...

Sexing Plants

Hello DGC I hate planting a bunch of seeds, and giving water and nutes to a plant all the way to flower then finding out its a male and tossing it. I was at a bar and a guy told me to put the few inch tall established babies under 12/12 then when properly sexed put...

Brewing an old growth forest tea

What's up dgc! On my third grow and I've gone organic this time...and for eternity.  I also just finished reading teaming with microbes. I'm nerding out a bit and I've starting brewing some teas. I live in a state that rhymes with schmeschmeticut... Near some "old...

Can’t Figure Out What is Wrong

Stain - NY Power Diesel. Weeks 6 into flower atm. Have been getting really bwown spot on some leaves on top of plant, but can't figure out what it is. Medium: Soil Runoff PH: 6.5 Runoff PPM: 1500 Base PPM in my water:250 Using an LED light at a recommended distance of...


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