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First Grow Under LED’s

First Grow Under LED's. 1200 watt's of cob's and a 600 watt led. I've been in flower since nov 6. I'm new at this, whats your thoughts? Anything I might need to do to enhance my...

C02 and Yield

Hello hunky Dude and sexy Scotty! Thank you so much for the sample of Recharge, my girls actually perked up after I gave them a little with feeding. Could you please tell me what would be the optimal level of C02 my plants should be receiving to make a difference in...

Will it Re-Veg?

How’s it going DGC, Dude, Scotty, Guru. New member/supporter of the crew. Had a question about cloning off of a well flowering plant. Basically will it clone? I took a cut off a flowering plant that was six weeks into flower, dipped some rooting hormone and stuck it...

Radicle Grow Bags

Hey crew, I cant find the Radicle Grow Bags in the DGC outlet. Where can I find them and do members still get a discount? Thanks for looking. Have a good one!


Hi there. I will be venturing into my first grow and it'd be outdoor growing autoflower. My question is what am I looking for when purchasing nutrients. I live in aus and watching videos where they mention brands doesn't help I'm wanting to know what exactly I need to...

Best Dehumidifier for a 4×4?

whats up DGC! I just got a 4x4 fabric bed set up in my 4x4 tent. I’m running a living soil set up so I keep my soil consistently moist and it pushes the humidity in my tent up to 70%-80%. I don’t have a lot of money to spend so I was just wondering if anyone could...

Drying Humidity

Hey crew love the show.  I am currently on 2nd day of hanging in a 2x4 tent.  my temp is 67 but my humidity is 51.  I've put a bowl of water in there couldn't get humidity up,  so I bought a humidifier and still stays around 51.  I don't know what to do.  No vents are...


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