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Co2 bag’s, yay or nay?

I got a myco2 bloom bag, I got the bag on the floor away from the exhaust vent I was going to keep the tent closed up and shut off the exhaust but it got hot rather quickly! So I turned the exhaust back on. My question is will the c02 bag be effective at the bottom...

About CO2

I have a 6x7x8 grow area. 2 600 watt hps and to keep my temps right. i have to run an exhaust fan 24/7 and i was wanting to add co2 but i thank if i add it i'm just going to be wasting money since i have to run an exhaust. am i right? any advice would be much...


Hey dudes and dudettes. We are clearing out my husband’s office and I thought wouldn’t it be great if we had a section on dude grows for members that would like to give away items that are used for growing but are no longer or never used.  I received a box monthly...

Yellowing Leaves with Holes

Whats Up Dudes. You guys have inspired me to do my first grow. But the grow has already came with problems. Im using fabric pots and airpots for this grow. Using rapid led lights with 4 cobs. Thanks to your recommendation. Great lights! Also using general hydro...

Co2 In A Tent

Hey Guys, 👋 I would appreciate some help.  I have been using the EZ bags in two grow tents.  I have no idea if they are doing anything or not.  When asking about a tank set up, my local grow store guy told me to not waste my money on the bags or the tank in a tent set...

Can Members Only Post?

Hello. I have 1 maybe 2 thread started but haven't seen them come up yet. The reason I ask is I'm getting ready to document some re-vegging im Gonna do. I plan on posting it to here. But if its members-only that can start threads, I'm not gonna waste my time (no...


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