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Stacking Recharge

Hello again I've been feeding Recharge and biobizz bloom. When I got the Recharge at my local shop, the owner said not to get any molasses because the blend has something that feeds the microbes and keeps them happy. Should I expand my nutrient stable or is that an ok...

Problem Plants

Hello fellas thank you so much for everything y’all do!

I have been having problems with my outdoor grow. Our plants have been dropping like flies. Half are in 400 gallon pots and half in the ground. The plants in ground we were low on soil and had to use 2 year old soil from pots that have been sitting outside. We use the general hydro 3-part line. And have sprayed with actinovate, armory, and, Spinacide. We have also used a compost tea for feeding. Now once one plant died we pulled it out and found huge ants as well as aphids all over the roots and inside the plant. The ants have seemed to eaten all the root system as well as the root ball. I am not sure of how or where they came from. We have had to resort to water with h2o2 that didn’t work. As well as other top dress with other chemical. So far nothing has worked. I believe they came from the soil that has been sitting outside. But the question is how did they transfer to the 400 gallon pots in another location? And what can we use to kill them.

The plant fan leaves are very small with a light lime green color. Parts of the plant are light green and other parts of the plant dark green. The fan leaves almost look like bad mite damage. And eventually the whole plant dies.

Thank you for your time! One love brothas

Bud Rot!

Living in the northeast a common plague we are hit with is bud rot. When I see it I take the precautions  (take off infected areas, discarding them, moving infected plant inside when rain is expected etc.) Will establishing a stronger and more lively rizosphere (using...

Growing Organically in a 4×4 in Containers?

Hey Dude,Scotty,Guru, and the rest of the DGC. I'm a big fan of the Dude's Grows Show and have learned a ton! I started out using Fox Farm and HPS lights and have moved closer to organic growing which has made a huge difference in quality. I am currently in a 4x4...

Nitrogen and Calcium Deficiency, Or?

Canna coco a/b, pH of feeding 6.1-6.2. A few of the plants (other strains) deep green almost at max nitrogen but a few look like this. It would appear to be both nitrogen and calcium deficiency but I'm at Canna feeding schedule levels and mid range for this brand of...


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