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Two Tents Buddy!

I’ve got so many questions my head hurts. I just want a 4-6 plant perpetual harvest so the wife and I don’t have to look for decent bud anymore and I need help figuring out the best way to run my equipment for yield & efficiency


Will composting bananas raise my potassium levels in my compost to the necessary nutrition needed to last a full flower cycle or should I be amending? If so what weeks? PEACE DGC !!!

Show Me your Goodies

Hey DGC fam! Hope everyone is staying elevated. First time poster long time supporter, and 3 months deep in membership now. Just needing some advice here. Hunting some White Christmas (mint chocolate chip X the White) by exotic genetics. As well as some Stuffed French...


Simply put, I'm setting up a grow (small) 2x4 tent. don't have much cash on hand, thought about HPS/MH but with a height of 5 feet is there room in tent for it?

Help with leaf deficiencies

Hey everyone in the DGC community. I have a Mango strain in week 5-6 of flower and recently just noticed the leaves don't look 100% healthy. Can anyone help pin point this deficiency please? I am leaning towards Manganese deficiency... Thank you kindly!

2nd Grow Issues

I have 4 plants 3 are big city lights and 1 is a cloned unidentified strain but it was my best strain from my first grow the most resilant and potent

Radicle Bags need advice

OK questions and whatnot on these things. First I am going to admit it, I am a clumsy person and that is why I wonder how easy is it to pull that Velcro open? I can put see myself dumping a plant out of its bag moving them around so can I do that with ease? Next, are...

Thank You

Thanks guys for going my grow. The feedback is amazing. I confused my wording with the Salt Base Nutes. I have the advanced nutrients line I have not added any of it to my grow yet. Anyway I am trying to go organic. Also there was a comment on my light. I switch to a...


Whats up Dude, Scotty and Guru. I currently use: Silica:Pro Tekt Calmg:Botanicare Base:Heavy 16 Rhizo:Roots Excelerator Gold Kelp:Posidenzime Aminos:Dark Energy Microbes:Recharge Enzymes:Cannazyme Biostimulant:Vitazyme Catalyst:Heavy 16 Prime Sugars/Carbs:Bud Candy...


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