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Going On Vacation

Hey DGC growers, I'm reluctantly going on vacation for 6-7 days in two weeks. A close friend is going to be watching the plants and animals. I will have 3 gorilla glues (in coco) 4 weeks into flower and about 20 plants that are about 3 months old and 15 that are 4...


Hi guys. Thanks for the awesome show and website! I'm getting ready to do a captain style grow! But I am going to use of tap water. I'm just wondering if I should still follow the captains recipe of 4 ml a gal of Calimagic or reduce it since I'm using tap water and...

Curing Jars

Hey guys, you have the show moving in the right direction. Looking good. On to my question. I'm wondering how you guys and the rest of The DGC clean their curing jars?

NPK… Demystified!

Sup, fellas? Your bronchially-challenged buddy here again to bug you about a topic I want to understand better… NPK ratios. I understand the basics; Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium (I always say “kuh-potassium” or I’ll confuse it with phosphorus) and each number is the...

Sulfur Added In To No Till?

Hey sup Scotty, Dude and the rest of my fellow DGC. i started some notill smart pot style 5gal last year with 2 small bags of peat seed starter one bag of organic omic herb & potting soil along with any amendments i could afford or source myself at the time. I'm...

Blue Planet Nutrients

Hey DGC. Im looking to change up everything I know about growing and come in to 2017 with the best modern tech possible. I've been hearing a lot online about Blue Planet nutes. Through YouTube mainly if i'm honest. My fiends are pushing Cyco on me. They get great...

Blumats and Coco…..Nutes?

What's up dgc homies. So I've been running Canna A&B in Coco now for about a year, hand watering in Nursery pots and I'm really interested in Blumats. I've really enjoyed hand-watering over the past few years but I'd like to automate my watering so I'm not mixing...

What Size to Re-Pot Into?

Yo DGC, I'm done vegging in 20 oz pots and my plants are looking root-bound due to explosive growth in rockwool croutons. Plants are about 10 inches tall. I popped 20 regular seeds so I'm expecting 10 to be female. These are going under a 1000 watt HPS for flowering....

Growmau5 diy LED Kit?

Yo! First, I'd like to apologize, I don't listen to every show, when it comes out and it's come to my understanding that I am no longer a paid member. I am again, now. I recently had to break everything down and cull the lot. I am setting up a small stealth tent. It's...

Too Dry?

High guys! Growing question. I'm about 3 weeks in, My SK100 closet case is kicking ass! And the recharge is banging it! I'm in a 5' x 6' x 8' closet. The SK100 runs super cool, temps are around 72 around the clock. I'm in Foxfarm ocean forest soil. I'm only using...

Spectrum King Lights?

What's up Mr Dude and Mr Real and the DGC just wanted to let any Veterans know that spectrum king has a veteran program 15% off need to show DD214 and ID . They also lowered there price on the 400+ to only $699 . So you get about $100 off the 400+ and $200 off the...

Nutrients and Benifical Bacteria

Hey dude scotty and the whole dgc first time growing here love the show and I accredit the success I'm having to it. I got a quick question. I've currently got two girls going in 10 gal smart pots it takes about 2 gallons of water to get to my run off point. I was...


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