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DWC Growing

Hello guys. Love the show. Keep up the Cannabis infowar. I've been growing for over 10 years now. Im in prohibition land not far from where Scotty start in bama. Have grown in  dirt and water  for the past 4 years I've grown in water dwc and I don't change the water I...

Hollow Stems

I have a question about hollow stems. After harvesting is having a hollow tube running through your stem a good thing or bad?  I’ve seen people say It is a calcium deficiency, but there is no signs throughout the cycle, any thoughts?

LED & Super Soil Questions

Hey guys, So I’ve ditched the trash can grow and built myself a cabinet. I’m using canna coco and canna a&b. I know my limiting factor right now is my light as it’s a 300w Spider-Man light from China, and I was hoping for some input for the most powerful light...

Stressing to get Color

What’s up guys? The pics included is of one of my girls that I cloned she’s at about 60 days in flower in 7gal fabric pot with living soil under 100 watt de hps and 300 watt hydrocrunch led. I’ve started to stress with occasional ice feedings I learned of this...

Did I Flush Too Early!!!😯

What up DGC!! My dudes so I have this beautiful strain that I'm flushing. I'm on day 10 of flushing and day 60 of flower. I think I went to early on the flush but like dude says if it ain't yellowing it's not flushed! That's how I feel too!! Yellow that shit out, so I...

Lighting/Ventilation Help

Hey guys, I found your show about a year ago and can't get enough grow talk!  I too have listened to hundreds of episodes. Just paid my $10 for membership. I've been growing indoors for a little over three years. There has been many changes and remods to my perpetual...

Lighting Question (Follow up)

Wus up Crew, Dee Sholtz again just herd my shout out and Question on the show.  Appreciate u guys following up. I like u guys throwing in what I do for a living. That goes to show not all us stoners are lazy pieces of shit!  I was wanting to clarify a few details for...


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