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Supercropped to Death

Hey Dude and Scotty. First Poster here, I want to thank you guys for everything you do, the show is great. I listen to it everyday, and I love the new format. So I tried supercropping and I over-supercropped accidentally. I got that farm strength I guess. Lol. Anyway,...

Popping Seeds

So as I now can be back in town since the evacuation caused by the oroville dam was lifted I have made my journey to start new life. I've always started seeds by just planting in the soil(flowers, peppers, vegetables). 1st question--Is it really necessary to do the...


I have heard of people washing their Bud in water, baking soda and lemon juice before drying. My question is would that remove some of the frosty goodness?? And are there benefits to washing them before drying?

Michigan Growers Keeping Things Hot

Hey Michigan DGC, Im new to winter growing and have gotten by so far using a radiator. At the moment Im growing in a drywall 4x4x6'8" closet. (On spinners) LIKE said Im able to control heat and since its a tight space radiators running pretty low. but that fat bottom...

Switch to Hempy

Whats growing on Scotty, Dude and the whole DGC Crew!! I'll attach a couple of pictures to this msg. One is my old Ebb and Flow system i've been running for a few years on and off. Its a simple system with 15L buckets that get filled from the bottom from a 300L res,...


Hey dude, Scotty, and the DGC, Dank Sinatra (the artist formerly known as the Pistilier) here with another grow question. I am struggling to reach even .5g per watt In my harvests. My largest harvest yet has been .37 gpw. I use a 600w hps (which I've just recently in...

RF Interference

Hey DGC! So is RF interference from digital ballasts still a thing? If so how many does is take to draw attention? I am looking at a single 315 lec with built in ballast but I don't need some angry ham radio operator kicking my door in. Thanks for the help and keep...

Azomite Warning

Yo scotty pat from Ontario here. I started on the no till about 8 months before you. I've done tons of research on no till ingredients and have run over a few people saying azomite should be avoided in organic soil due to the fact if your soil becomes to acidic it can...

Lazer IR Guns

What's up gentlemen and Lady? Things are getting exciting in my casa. Just about to harvest all my hempy buckets under a 315 and couldn't be happier with the results of the branches that have mysteriously broken off lol Any who, I saw a BBC documentary about plants a...

Cigarettes Around Plants

Ok scotty and dude and dgc. I have a question about growing im sure alot of us have wondered, and plenty of us have bs' with why we can or others shouldn't do it. What is the effect of smoking cigarettes around our plants? Can it negatively affect them? We all know...

Bokashi Buckets

What's up DGC? I'm looking to pick up a premade bokashi bucket system with a spout and wondered if anyone has any recommendations? The one at Build-A-Soil is generally what I'm looking for but it's on back order. I see Vader OG on YouTube uses the Teragami and it...

Pest Management Sprayer

Hi guys, What kind of sprayer or fogger do you guys recommend for pest management spraying? I am currently using a spray bottle with a 360 nozzle on it for weekly sprayings of neem in my vegetative area.  I would like to step it up and get a better sprayer. I am...


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