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Help me not suck at growing

The who? I'm a 32 year old dude from the Sooner state that loves science that has never grown anything. I'm married with a 2 year old boy and a little girl due in September. My dad I found out grew hydro for about 5-6 years in prohibition. The why: The primary reason...

Flushing my Alien Rift too early?

I'm getting close to finishing up my first grow, I began flushing my Alien Rift on day 49 hoping it would be finished right around day 63. Most all of the leaves are turning yellow and crunchy at this point and many of the sugar leaves are starting to go yellow as...

Can cannabis plants be hilled?

Can cannabis plants be hilled? I know tomato plants can be buried up to their necks because they produce root hairs. Can the same be done to cannabis without rotting the stem? I am using recycled grain bags from my animals and filled them with 4 large shovels full of...

First time growing, pruning fan leaves

Hey dudes, First off I will tell you, you bros are the best! So let me tell ya what is going on. So I am from Canada and this this my first time growin' and I am getting so many mixed answers with questions I have about pruning fan leaves during veg state. I have...


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