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Identifying Powdery Mildew Problems

Hello Dude, Scotty (the man), and Guru (a.k.a. Yoda) Hello DGC audience! Have you ever had or seen PM (powdery mildew)? U wanna see it in action? I was just visiting a long-time friends' garden when I noticed what looked like road dust on a few of his cannabis leaves....


Hey dudes love the show I even listen at work with my headphones on. My question is, where can I get a pack of ruderalis ? Am new to the breeding game. Am very interested in making my own auto. Am a caregiver and medical driven to help myself and family am in the gulf...

Fertilizer Schedule

hey guys I’m very new to the growing seen and am going to be growing northern autoflowers and would like an easier feeding schedule to follow if there is one you could recommend with the product and times man i would really appreciate it thanks


Hi dgc. Was wondering if anyone knew of any seed trading groups online. Just came home from the gene traders expo here in ct and it was a small event and didn't really meet anyone interested in trading.just 7 or 8 vendors selling seeds and not a lot of folks. I have...

No Till N00B

Hey DGC I found the show after buying a little indoor set up and i started my 'quest for the dank' After watching hours of YouTube videos i find your show to be a fountain of knowledge for a beginner like me.(i cant keep up sometimes) I have a 5x5 tent with a mars...

Girl Scout Cookies

hey there dudes and dudettes. im currently about 4 weeks into veg on 5 gsc plants and transported them into there finishing pots a week ago. it's my second run at her and am wondering what training she responds to best. should I top it or just lst train it? I dont...

Seeking Knowledge

Hey guys I'm James from Oregon. I started listening to your show on a pod cast app. I was hooked good show very informative learned alot about stuff that makes me happy growing cannabis.  So my mom has Parkinson's disease and the doctors say her meds will soon stop...

Pro Mix HP Mycorrhizae

I am planning to grow some auto's and was wondering if I could get some advice. I was going to use 7 gallon radicle bags under 3 spectrum king 100 cc. If I use the pro mix hp. Could I get away with just adding worm castings and some recharge, or should I mix in a bag...

Building a Light

Hows is going crew. Im looking at building a light using quantum boards.   putting 4 together like an HLG 550,  Im looking to integrate far reds into the mix and wanting to know if its all good to run them all at the same time ?  or would I need another driver so that...


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