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Suggestion on new light

I am just curious to see what our community would recommend for a new light. I have a 1.5 x 2 x 5 tent, and Im currently using one of those 450-watt blurple lights. I've looked at rapid Led, HLG, and Spectrum king. I am probably going to be growing at the most (3) 3...

Coco Shells

Good morning gentlemen, Have you heard any positives or negatives about using coco shells as a mulch. I have noticed that it will make your room smell like chocolate for a few days, and keeps things moist underneath.  It’s just not used very much at all and I’m...

Chemdawg plant with bananas

Hey Dgc! Tonight I spotted a few bananas on one of my chemdawg plants.  My plants are 40 days into flower of 63. What should I do? Cull the plant?  Pick all the Male flowers daily?  Harvest super early?  Let it ride?  Place the plant outside to re-veg and/or save...

Tiny White Mites!!

so I have a couple of compost bins that I've been using for a little over a year now and the other day I went to use some for an upcoming grow and there's little white mites all over the place. they are about the size of a pin head and move very slowly. is there a way...

Coffee for my Cannabis

Hello DGC, First off thank you for all the useful Cannabis knowledge. Quick question about coffee grounds for top dress and/or compost tea. Want to reuse all the coffee grounds the wife and I drink. Question is can you use flavored coffee grounds or would the flavor...

Nutrient deficient or burn?

So I have a Chronic Ryder Auto by The Joint Doctor that's 5 weeks old and showing odd discoloring on leaves I have only fed them once because I noticed this happening right off the bat. Btw I'm growing in Cyco nutrients wormix coco and using their nutrient a&b pH...

Vape Carts

Hello DGC, I hope all is well with everyone. I am making this post to ask about vape carts . I know they are not everyone's favorite thing, but I live in prohibition land and they are easier to come by than flower most times. Not to mention they are very discrete. I...

Choosing Lights

i am trying to decide between rapid led and spectrum king i have a 2x2 area and im considering a closet case 140 or a chilled logic 2x2 or cxb3590 any help choosing between the 3 would be great thanks again dgc  

Bud Washing

What’s up DGC i’v got a question about bud washing, is it worth it to do?  My outdoor plants can get pretty dirty from everything in the air but it looks like it would be a invitation for mold. Has anyone tried this before?


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