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Dude and Scotty, Couple of Growmore questions: 1. What is Biocozyne supposed to smell like? My bottle is almost a year old and smells a little like vinegar? Is that the right smell? I remember Scotty dealt with this but I forgot the details. My plants seem ok on it so far 2. While on the subject of smells, when my EZ Wet SE Foliar + Growmore goodies spray bottle sits over night it has an almost insect spray smell. Should I be concerned and is this why Jake once said to stop Foliar after week 3? Jakes Foliar recipe is: Armercote 2.5 ml BioC 5ml Fuego 7.5ml Jump 3ml EZWET Se 5 ml Seaweed 5 ml Amber Humic 15 ml And I must say it is awesome. You should try it! Go for 350-400ppm it’s never burned my plants. Thanks for all you guys do. Wish you were up here in Seattle so I could go to the meet ups. Some day i’ll get down to Denver. Proud DGC! EpicTentHere Picture is my Misty Kush in week 2 ????