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What is up Dude, Scotty and Guru (we’re not worthy, we’re not worthy) lol. It feels like a lifetime since my last dank nug, those water bottle sized blueberry nugs were delicious. but this run i went organic. I used green planet nutes and foxfarm soil. I got some platinum dosi from a friend and these girls are looking sexy. I’m just waiting for my wife to drop the “how come you don’t look at me like that” line. They are getting so dense. this has been the easiest grow yet. just feed every second day and that’s it. I just ran out of the small amount of Recharge i had here and i can vouch for its power. I’m confident it had a huge effect on my success. I finally have enough success in my grows to feel confident. Something special when you hear someone straight across town talk about how good your stuff is. I give a lot of credit for my confidence to the DGC. People urging me to push my boundaries and become a great grower. I give you guys 10 dollars a month but what you guys give me is so much more. I’m more then happy to support all the wonderful knowledge and entertainment you bring for the price of McDonalds, we can be a crucial cog in a beautiful machine. Keep up the awesome work and sending you love from prince edward island.