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Wassup growmies, this is my third grow using General Organics Gro Box line of nutrients/ Feeding schedule and ive never seen this problem before the death of tips and yellow brown spotting. The grow media is a 7 parts Coco, 2 parts FF ocean forest, and 1 part earth worm castings in 1 gallon fabric pots. I water almost everyday, one day is nutes at full strength, next day is recharge and fish tank water, then third day is plain tank water with nothing to prevent salt buildup in media. I take water out of my fish tank to water my grow because i heard the bacteria in the filter of the tank will remove harmful metals and ammonia from the water while also dechlorinating it, please ask guru if this is true? Environment is 70% humidity @82-92 degrees w 650w 3500k quantum boards dimmed to half wattage and two 30w 5500k led shoplights on 22 hours a day. You guys do the community a great service the only ones i will throw 10$ a month to on Patreon my peeps @dudgrows. Scotty you crazy as hell maine.