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What up DGC!!! Comin at ya with some purple goodness! This beaut was part of a free pack of seeds I got from A large order from seedsherenow. Com. This is pheno #2 out of the 4 I popped. One was male and one was a runt. This one smells amazing! Like a Mimosa! Fresh orange and Champagne. I hope the smell hangs around. Sometimes the fresh smell is not the end cured smell. Good thing I made some shatter from the fresh frozen bud. Don’t have a flash freezer but the terps definitely came through!!! Also glad it was accidentally hit with pollen from my Sour Sunshine male. Can’t wait to pop those beans!!!

Grown in organic amended soil. This is actually reused soil with one prior run in it. Reamended with build a soil craft blend, gypsum, and alfalfa with some worm castings. Fed build a soil build a bloom at half strength weekly. Also with worm casting and alfalfa teas week 3-7. Also some Bio bizz Fish to bring the Dank!

Grown under 4 Viparspectra XS 2000(240 true watts) in a 4×8 tent Day temps were at 80-83 during the day at 50-56% humidity. Got a bit humid a night but that’s summer here. Night temps were 68-72 with 65% humidity. Next summer I’ll have a dehumidifier going for sure. Skated by this year with some minimal bud rot on the biggest bud in the tent.