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GSC at around day 52 of flower. 2 plants (5 gal fabric pots) in a 2×2. Subcool’s supersoil amendments added base mix of 1 part FFOF, 1 part FFHF, 1 part seed start mix, 3/4 part perlite, 1/4 part hydroton. Grown with cheapest lights found on eBay. Each “blurple” light cost $45 and pulls around 125 watts. I’m using two of them. Didn’t notice the purple in the plants till I took these pics under 5000K Daylight CFL. 2nd grow at temp. First was using cfls in a cardboard wardrobe box. Currently at day 60 of flower and the leaves have finally started to yellow (and purple).  Gave final watering today. Didn’t really flush but watered til heavy runoff. Harvesting after this weekend.