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This is my second attempt at growing. First attempt was with CFLs in a cardboard wardrobe box. These are GSC (day 52 flower) from GrowersChoice grown in an old  Subcool Super soil recipe. For my base mix I used 1 part FFOF, 1 part FFHF, 1 part organic seed start mix, 2/3 part perlite, 1/3 part hydroton.

Two plants flowered out in 5 gallon fabric pots in a 2×2 by tent.  I used two $45 eBay “blurple” lights. Each pulls 125-130 watts. Didn’t notice the purple until I turned off the grow lights and took pics using a daylight (5000K) cfl. Now at day 61 and looking to chop at day 64. Leaves didn’t start to fade until the beginning of week 9.