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Hey Dude and Scotty!

I gotta say  Joining the DGC is the best $10 you could ever spend as a new grower!

Keep on rocking this wicked awesome  podcast!! Love it!

Thanks to Scotty  I’m running bottom feed hempys and I’m on the full Canna lineup coco and all! Also added GO bio marine and GO calmag+  Worm, and obviously RECHARGE!

My question is this

im week 1 of flower

I have canna pk 13/14

i want to add some bat or seabird to help with flavour and other soil benefits

I’m worried I’ll run into trouble if I am also running pk 13/14  boost, fish and calmag and recharge

what do you think would be the best guano to use?

All the different options confuse me

I feel like the guy in the nirvana parody you guys play  lol

im sorry I’m new and I’m trying to learn all the NPK stuff and Microbes  it’s a lot to learn!!

So far so good thanks to you guys, and this is why im Asking for advice before I mess it all up!!

You guys are my Yoda and Obi Wan

Help me out boys  you’re my only hope!!


Your Canadian DGC brotha,

Stoney McSquintyEyes


img_0125 img_0129