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Hey DGC,

Coming to you from down under in prohibition land. I have been listening to your podcast at work for a few months now and have decided to become a member only recently. Firstly, when is Recharge coming to AUS??? I cannot find it anywhere and would love to use it in my next grow.

I am preparing for our summer here and hoping to grab some tips from the crew on outdoor growing and keeping pests away. Have grown a few small plants before with liquid nutrients however you guys have inspired me to go natural.

I plan to amend the soil I have around me and was wondering what I should be adding to make the healthiest soil possible for my babies; micronutrients? I currently use Great White Mycorrhizae and will plant straight into the ground in a hope to create a thriving soil food network.

Are there any companion plants you can recommend? I heard lemon grass and possibly garlic is good for bugs? Would it be worth planting this around my crop?

Lastly just wanted to thank you guys for the wealth of information you have brought to the growing community and hope you keep up the great work.

Kind Regards,


p.s. Added a lil pic of my last grow for the grow fiends