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Get your game on, Dude Grows fans, and here is your chance to WIN:

1st place:  ONE POUND of recharge

2nd place:  8oz recharge


I took down a PurpleDream last Tuesday.  The buds dried on hangers for 4-5 days, sweat for 2 days, and now they are in C-Vaults.  I will wait until this coming Friday and do a final weigh up.

I can’t give you any HINTS, but I’ll give you the lowdown on the grow:
Lighting in flower: Single, 600W Hortilux HPS bulb, mounted in cool tube reflector
Nutrients used: Gen Hydro, Grow, micro, bloom, florablend, floralicious plus, cali-magic, armor si, and RECHARGE
Temps: 63-77F  Humidity:  45%-65%  CO2: 1000-1200ppm
Grow method: Captain Style.
Grow Space:  44″ x 48″ (the walls are 44″ apart)

To submit your entry, put your guess down in the comments field below.  Your guess should be in ounces and grams.  For example, “14ounces, 10grams”.  The two people closest to the real weight, will win!  Scotty and Dude will announce the winner, on Next Monday’s Show.

1.  One guess per person.
2.  You must be able to prove you are a “grower”, via youtube videos, message board posts, or similar.
3.  I’ll throw out any guesser I suspect is cheating, and I reserve the right to add more rules, if needed.
4.  USA residents only, please.  Sorry to my friends over the pond!

Good luck to you all.