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5 liters of Canna Aqua Flores A&B costs $106.56 or $21.20 / L 4 liters of Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Grow, Micro & Bloom sets $81.99 $22.49 / L 4 liters of General Hydroponics, Flora Grow, Micro, Bloom set US$81.17 or 20.29 rough est. USD You guys have put down advanced numerous times on the show. Saying it’s too many bottles, too much marketing too expensive not interesting making fun of wet betty, now integrated into the base nutrient line along with humic and fulvic. why not run Scotty’s system of simply base nutrients with AN for a cycle. since they are all almost exactly equal. If any deficiencies arise I would be very surprised considering the high price we pay/L of HQ liquid base. I’ve run HQ bagged powders strictly and had great success for pennies on the $ The new AN shootout I feel demonstrates their competing lineups very well for dude. put it to rest. their additives can get expensive when u start stacking