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Neptune Seed Bank

Shout out!

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Neptune Seeds

Ordered seeds on monday got here today (sat). Cali to Massachusetts. Can't beat it, 140$ free shipping = 30 seeds. Guys there are...
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Odin-Ray Farm’s Seeds

What's up DGC!? Nodnarb here with a seed recommendation. I recently was introduced to a dude names shiloh. He owns and operates his own farm in Oregon and makes his own wicked crosses of some amazing genetics. I ordered from him, via the phone and he got me a receipt...
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Nectar For The Gods Sample Kit

I recently started using a Nectar for the God's sample kit that you can get for the price of postage. It only cost me $29 for close to $140 in Nutrients. The sample kit includes: Quarts of Medusa's Magic, Gaia Mania, Athena's Aminas , Demeter's Destiny, Herculean...
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Mammoth P Samples

anyone know a way to get a mammoth p sample without going through a grow store? the only one near me is not willing to let me receive a freebie at the store even if i buy shit and mammoth only sends samples to shops. i just don't have the seventy bucks for the 250...
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Heavy Metals In Perspective

Greetings DGC! Beast In The East here with some information. I want to share some research I have been doing regarding the heavy metals content of fertilizers. The Association of American Plant Food Control Officials (AAPFCO) has a list of state web sites that provide...
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Recharge is a microbial super inoculant that contains (all organic & in dry form): Kelp Extract, Humic | Fulvic | Amino Acids, Unsulfured Black Strap Molasses & the highest beneficial microbial count of ANY other product on the market, PERIOD!


Hortilux d.e.

Switched from a gavita bulb to a new hortilux d.e. I also run 800 watts of chm in this room, I want to see if there's any difference in weight or quality. I will make a update as I go along. Stay...
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Orb 4

Thanks for the orb 4 guys. Fits on my vaporizer I use for nicotine, I thought it would. I got lucky.😁 Is it for dry herb and concentrates? Thing is sick. Need to find the best way to press a little concentrate for myself,quick... stay...
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Far Red Initiator Puck

Scotty, you and Dude have been talking about the far red initiators to put the girls to bed two hours early every day. Don't know if you were aware or not but growmau5, in conjunction with Rapid LED, now have one available for us. It's available on the Rapid LED...
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Propylene Glycol and Glycerol Toxins

I found this study published about the toxic chemicals produced when heating the solvents propylene glycol (PG) and glycerol (GLY) I thought the crew might be interested in reading. Some quotes that caught my attention: "The chemical literature strongly suggests that...
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Source Vapes orb XL DGC approved

Well as the winner of the source vapes meme contest I wanted to start off by saying. THANK YOU source vapes for being an amazing contributor to the show. I was honored to have the chance and to have won the contest for the orb xl. Last night was 4th of July and just...
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Pax 2 Herbal Vaporizer

Hello DGC Just wanted to give a quick review of the Pax 2 herbal vaporizer for vaporizing your favorite flowers. https://www.paxvapor.com/pax-2 This is the only vaporizer that I have owned (that is a lie, I owned a pax 1 originally but my dog ate it. Fuck was he high,...
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