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GLG golden iLite 600

Look at how close you can get those lights. That's pretty sexy looking from here has anyone in the crew tried them? If so, what's hype and what's real? https://youtu.be/ADtQUADr9dA

LST Products

A couple of interesting products I thought were worth sharing with my DGC fam!

Hand Made Dab-Tray Kits

Good morning DGC, My Mom makes wheel-thrown and hand-built pottery and my brother asked her to make him a dab tray with some cups for alcohol, clean and dirty q-tips, and a little dish for a dab tool. She made one for him and one for one of his friends, and they came...

New Toys – Gift ideas

Dude, Scotty, the illusive Guru, Mr. Banner, Anthony – Glad you’re all back safe & sound after the Turkey murder day.   Since the Holidays are upon us I thought I would throw out a couple pretty cool (cool to me at least)  ideas for the crew. A couple gifts they...

How do you clean your dab rig?

Mrs. B and I picked up a nice dab rig on Black Friday. We use a quartz enail and are having a tough time keeping the nail clean. We do wipe out the nail with Q-tips after taking a dab, but that only gets some of it. 91% ISO doesn’t cut it at all, even soaking it...

Do it yourself Quantum Boards

Hey Guru, Dude and Scotty. Love the podcast! Wish Guru would chime in more, or ya’ll should have a section of the show called Guru’s Dojo where he just lays the knowledge on thick. After hearing ya’ll talk about the HLG 550 that Scotty got from HLG, I wanted to share...


Citrus sap trim turned into delicious rosin with the help of a magic machine.

Handheld Rosin Press

This rosin press looks like a good step or 2 up from a hair straightener and won't break the bank. It also looks easy enough to make if you are a little handy. https://midwestconcentrates.com/product/cannaclamp/

Dry Herb Vapes

Just listened to one of the last few shows and there was a bit of talk about vapes and thought I’d throw in my experience.


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Recharge is a microbial super inoculant that contains (all organic & in dry form): Kelp Extract, Humic | Fulvic | Amino Acids, Unsulfured Black Strap Molasses & the highest beneficial microbial count of ANY other product on the market, PERIOD!

New Vape Smashes Rockstar Kush

New Vape Smashes Rockstar Kush

This is 30 grams of rockstar kush in the press with no bag . The New Vape plates are still looking new after a year of abuse. They are a company with excellent craftsmanship and I am definitely happy with New Vape! Cheers


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