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Super stoked on this plant and it feels like a milestone on the journey! I started growing in November with a goal of making my own live rosin.

This is Gushcanna #1 of 7 that I did my first pheno hunt with. I grew 7 plants from seed, culled 3 males, and then grew all 4 phenos out and kept cuts of each. I was in search of Tropicanna Cookies terps and this pheno leans about 80%trop/20% gushers if I had to guess.

It’s more resinous than the other plants and grew more viciously than the other 3 females. Even at cloning this girl rooted so fast and strong and under bad conditions. It handles stress like a beast and is super easy to manage throughout its cycle.

I’m very hopeful for the wash after it comes down next week!

Gear and Nutes:

-house and garden line up

-elite91 Clones and Flowers


-Mammoth P

-bushmaster Coco

-ac infinity fans and tents

-HLG 600 RSpec

Don’t Worry, Be Hashy DGC!