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Hey DGC. It’s me again still in the idiotic fucking nightmare place we call “Prohibition Land”. I had to take down my 4 x 4 grow in record time. Landlord called late last night and said they were coming over in the morning. Fuckers. Everything is fine but here is my situation:

I had 5 plants growing beautifully in the 5th week of veg. I threw out 3 but couldn’t bring myself to destroy 2. I hid them in the closet in black plastic bags. It’s been almost 24 hours after hiding everything and cleaning it up in record time. If I were to put them back in the tent after 24 to 36 hours of darkness can I flip to flower or keep vegging them? I’d like to keep vegging since they could be a little bigger. The soil was dry and scheduled for watering before the take down when I put them in the closet.

Any thoughts, stories, and suggestions are greatly appreciated. I’m a new grower (2nd grow), poor as fuck and need my weed. I DIY. I love this community so much!!