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Good morning/afternoon ladies and gentlemen,

To start, thank you again for everything you guys do!

This is an update from a previous post that was made a couple months ago… I have added a 320w 3500k QB to my 5×5 flower area. Already had a 1000w hps in the tent, which has now been turned down to 600w.  With this addition ( and turning down of the hps) the environment has brought temps down to 20•C- 28•C. This is with no ac ….. Just exhaust running 24/7.. Got to love Alberta/ Canada basement temps !

With great results in the past.. I have only seen an increase in quality in my grow area. With the Addition of the led, I have seen a large increase in trichome production, and a large increase in feedings.. these ladies just want to eat….

My question is .. What next ?? I would prefer not to add ac into the situation due to the large increase in expenses..

Am I being impatient ?? Current fertilizer I am using is …… Just maxibloom ( kiss formula). No co2 ( figured this would be useless without a sealed room)

Again thank you for what you do.