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This Grape Walker Kush auto from Mephisto genetics is a beast!

Sitting in a 3 gal fabric pot with coco/perlite and feeding Megacrop nutrients. No topping or ScrOGing, all LST. She has filled out the 2.5 x 4 ft space with some frosty goodness.

Going on day 86 from seed, I’ve been easing up on the nutes for the past week, letting her use up her reserves,and working my way down to just pH’d water for the final week.

Dude, Scotty and the rest of the crew, time to give these new autoflowers a try. Mephisto makes ’em big, frosty and potent!

Big supporter of growing your own meds and pushing prohibition into the ground. Love the show and I tune in daily as I tend to the garden. Loving to learn and learning to grow here in Oklahoma!