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So I had like 100 ft of five feet wide trellis net from amazon. This stuff is super tangly and made of basically cotton or polyester string I believe. It is really hard to work with. When I first opened it I thought, “why didn’t I buy the presized scrog made to hang perfect that stretches properly for my size tent.” Then I had a idea. I took some rubber bands and zip ties and decided I would make my own tension system to keep the scrog in shape and tight.

All you need is some rubber bands and zip ties.

I put 2-3 rubber bands on the corners of the net I want to secure. I secure one end of the rubber bands to the trellis/scrog net with a small zip tie then stretch it to the corner and secure the other end of the rubber bands to the corner tubing of my tent. Do this 4 times adjust tightness and shape and you are done.

Easy Peasy

Hopefully my little hack will help some of you guys out there. I had no idea how to hang this net until this idea popped in my head.