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So I was happily going about watering my girls this morning and I noticed something that really disturbed me.  5 of my girls all from the same cut are herming and a couple had open pollen sack. Flower development seems to be going well at 2.5 wks into flower but I am just seeing signs of the herming. The only factor I see that could be causing this is maybe the 730 nm. I have grown this strain several times and have noticed just a few very few white non viable seeds in a couple buds each time. Never really worried about it. I pulled around 8 pollen pods and 2 have opened.  These are large plants in #5 pots.

My 730nm timer is not the best I am going to pick a new one up but I thought maybe it had stayed on past the 15mins after dark a few times. Most days I have tried to catch it. They always seem to be off within 30 mins of the lights going out though. There are a couple days I left them off completely.

I turned them out for now.  I am kinda at a loss. I am feeding these plants a lot of nutes and I am looking at using a gallon of bloom to finish them.  If not close to it. What would you do.

That said I cant afford genetics right now .  I don’t have anything ready to take cuts off of and start over.  I have those 3 “magpie” i believe seeds left from my dgc pack first two 1 didn’t pop the other male.

The strain having the prob is unknown but I have never noticed  it doing this.

I don’t have any light leaks other than the problematic 730nm lights that may have stayed on a bit long some.  My first run with this EE setup there are 3x hlg 260rspec and 1 all white 260 with 2x qb52 in 730nm approx 30-35w each and one 20w qb11uv that runs with the main lights.  Should I maybe hook the 730nm back in with the mains and forget about the extra 15 mins till i get a timer or am I loosing out by doing that?

Should I wait and see how the buds develop or just cut my losses now.  Sorry for all the ?s guys I would love some opinions on this.  Successfully grew the strain at least 3 times with very minimal herming before just a few non viable seeds found.  This shit has just ruined my day.  First time I had them looking nice and praying all the time this.