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I like to germinate my seeds in a hanging zip lock bag with a damp paper towel, but only on one side so the seeds are exposed to the light and of course with a light hint of recharge. When my seeds pop they know which way is up, and always shed there little helmet head seed coat with no problem and the cotyledons are already green and making energy.

Also, while reading about bud rot and how they deal with botrytis in other industries it occurred to me that it doesn’t do well in colder temperatures and that the refrigerator is also quite dry. First I tested the humidity and found that in the fridge it was 35% on my amazon hygrometer (I have found most of them read about 10% lower than more reliable meters by the way). I put a jar of bud at 60% in the garage fridge and it dropped 20% rh so I figured I would shoot for 30% (20% rise at room temperature and 10% for the low misreading meter getting me to 60%). I had it in there for about 10 days sealed in paper bags to slow the process the first couple days. When I was ready I put it in jars sealed them and let them warm to room temperature, I was right on target of 60% rh. I cured for 2 weeks and everything seems perfect. No bud rot, no dry hay smell, plenty sticky and stinky. The only downfall is all my lunchables smell to dank to have anyone else from work smell them or I will be on the short list for the next “random” drug test.