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All Hail The DGC! I’m really trying to be more productive on the site as I’ve been a Patreon supporter for a year now. I’ve asked one question that got read on one of the episodes. Very cool. I’m full of info and grow hacks as well as a full documenter of all my grows. I just have a hard time putting it out there/here. The DGC has spawned several interests and hobbies out of me. I can’t thank the crew enough for all you all do, for all of us. I was at the local grow store the other day, (Grow Generations Hydroponic Store, Eugene, OR.,) and came across Recharge on their shelf. I immediately got excited like I just saw an old friend. Grabbed it off the shelf, held it up above my head and yelled up to the front of the store, “This is the best product y’all carry, hands down! You should look into their Grow Dots.” And gave a quick rundown. I’d love to try some as well. Just got the new run up and going after moving across the country from Tennessee to Oregon. Landed a job in the industry which  thankful for. Here’s a few pics of some things I’ve done/doing… Thank you Dude, Scotty, Guru, and Crew for all you do.