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What’s poppin DGC, been a member for about 6 months and recharge is the shit. I bought  Strawnana and Papaya clones from my medical only dispensary here in the bay area. Ran into lockout battle that nearly killed both plants but powered through and doubled my veg time now i’m finally enjoying the flower. Ooeey Gooey foreal you can see the strings of thc when you pull the bud apart and no fluff. 1:2 ocean forest to coco, recharge once a week, compost teas with build a soil flower mix and overdrive from advanced. Here’s some game on transplanting in fabric pots, i use a 5 gallon for veg then when i flip i fill a second fabric bag half way with good flowering soil then slip the first 5 gallon into the second 5 gallon no mess the roots grow right into the second fabric pot and replenishes nutrients. Thanks for the Recharge hookup i’ve been using the same bag for a year i’m a stingy fuck stay high