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Long time listener first time caller… i mean poster.  Anyways big fan of the show and the community but lets skip that and get right into the problem so i can get some help!

Growing Medium:

This is my 4th year growing outdoors in a 4×8 geopot with about 240 gallons of “no till or living soil” (mix of Fox Farm ocean forest, pro mix, roots organics, different types of compost, tons of worms, buildasoil 12 seed cover crop etc…) my soil is amended yearly with buildasoils re amend kit and then topped off with compost/soil.

My Problem:

I suck at hardening off clones. Like really badly. 4th year growing and 4th year burning them on the first day smh.  This year i bought a $40 4×5 green house which is under my deck in the shade and rigged up 16 cfls coming out to 368 watts a small heater and a small computer fan as exhaust with a cheap controller from amazon to keep temps at 77F lowest humidity is 30% highest is 60%.  I figured id have the clones in there for the colder nights(im in the bay area California) and put them out in the 4×8 bed for a couple hours each day until hardened off then transplant into the 4×8 bed.

on sunday i purchased clones and put them in 1/2 gallon pots and put them in a shady area for about 4 hours then they went into the green house for the night.

in the morning i noticed one plant had a slight burn, but she was one of the smaller clones. around 10am i put them back into the 4×8 bed for about an hour then i put up a weed blocker cloth to shade the clones and they went back into the green house at 1:30 and the lights stay on until 11pm.

i get home from work around 11:30 pm and to my surprise 60% of the clones are now burnt around the edges and here i am kicking myself because i know i just earned about a week of shock before these girls can really pick up again.

I dont think its my CFLs as ive seen people do grows where leaves are touching the CFLs and no burning is happening.  It cant be my soil, as i potted them in a 1/2 gallon of roots organic with a top dressing of 1/4 tbs of neem, 1 tbs of gro kashi, 2 tbs of malted barley then barley straw and some red clover. So it must be the sunlight, right?

Really wish there was a better guide to hardening clones other than “couple hours in the shade each day then increase the direct sunlight as the days go on…” or maybe it is that easy and im just that stupid lol.  Anyways i got time to wait for some help as i will be waiting for the plants to get out of shock!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!