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Hey all!! First off shout out to Scotty for the mad chill call on Saturday – look forward to bullshitting with you again sometime.

Been a while since I’ve posted anything on here. On my second grow now, I started my first grow with some CFLs and a prayer, and eventually snagged a Mars Hydro 480 for cheap. I walked away with a decent harvest, and I was really proud of it. The smoke was awesome and I made it last a decent length of time considering how much I gave away haha

So I’m growing in all peat this time – ProMix with mycorrhizae and man has it been a totally different ball game than my first. Classic error, didn’t realize the differences of each media and for a while had what look like a deficiency problem. I hit up some forums and I was told to treat it “a little more like hydro” since peat is inert (i.e. ‘micro’ feedings every watering).  They responded awesome to it and have been thriving ever since.

For Christmas I was gifted a Rapid LED 100W logic puck plug and play kit so I threw that in there to help supplement the Mars light. Talk about a game changer, can’t wait to get another in there too.

I’ve been using Aurora Soul’s bloom, infinity, and big swell all flower. I hit it with Humbolt’s Calyx Magnum a couple times as well. The colors I’m getting this time are INSANE, and I’m loving how cool my tents are getting at lights out. Harvest is this week and I cannot wait to smoke it.

This is strain is really helpful for my depression, and I got these as bag seed. I couldn’t be more stoked that everything I remembered about it came through in these two grows also. Couldn’t recommend it enough if you like Strawberry strains but need that indica calm-yo-tits feel hahaha