Hello Dude grows fans!  Today I made a video to show you a bit about how I shape and top a plant to prepare it for flower.  Pulling a lb or more at harvest is not an easy task, especially with only 600w.  Here, I’ll show you some tricks to create MANY branches, which turn into bulked up, stacked up colas, so you can reach your 1lb goal.

I want to point out:  every strain / pheno is different.  The one I’m working with is GDP Purple Dream, which doesn’t stretch much in flower.  If you have a rapid stretcher, you can apply the same techniques, but you may want to top more often, and just before flower, in order to control height.  You’ll have to experiment with your pheno to see WHEN you need to stop topping, in order to get the right height, and still get nice long colas stacked with buds.

The number one key to big yields from single plants, is SIZE.
As Scotty says, if you want to pull a pound or more, you need your plant to be the size of a “washing machine”.  Yes, you need light, nutrients and proper environment, but don’t expect a pound of bud from a small plant.  When you think it’s time to flower, wait!  Plants grow exponentially, meaning, not only do they grow taller, but wider and thicker, all the way around.  Just a few extra weeks in vegetative growth could DOUBLE your final yield.

If you want to chop down a pound like this:

PurpleDreamStartFlushPurple Dream in flower with two weeks to go before harvest.

Then you need to start with this:

Purple Dream in Vegetative growth, in a 54″ x 54″ lighthouse tent, ready to start flowering cycle.

The number 2 key to big yields, isn’t nutrients, it’s LIGHT. 

The plants above are grown with 600w Hortilux Super Blue Metal Halide in Vegetative growth, and 600w Hortilux Super High pressure sodium in flower.  If you want plants that look like these, stick with what works, inexpensive HPS and MH.  Don’t be fooled by expensive LED lights that “promise” to out-perform high intensity light, using less watts and less electricity.  Less watts = less bud.  Think about it this way, depending on where you live, it costs $30-$35 to run a 600W light 12 hours a day.  A 400w LED light would cost $20-25 a month.  So over a two month period, you would save $20, and have about 1/3rd as much product.  It just doesn’t make sense to me.  Do LED lights run cooler?  A lesser watt light will run cooler yes.  And yes LED lights run hot; that’s why they have multiple computer fans in each fixture.  Most LED fixtures are not able to be air ducted, so they eliminate all their heat into your grow room.  If you put your hand under an LED light, you won’t feel heat like you with HPS or MH.  Lie out in the sun on a sunny day and see if you feel hot.  YEP.

The number 3 key to big harvests, is YOU.

Stoners, spend some time in your grow room.  Chances are, you already know what is wrong.  You know what needs to be done.  Here are the top 10 things growers need to do more often:

  1.  Prune the underside of plants.  In the video above, you can see I’m guilty.  That small plant needs some of the very small suckers trimmed near the bottom of the plant.  Doing this in early veg will increase growth all around.
  2. Spread colas out away from each other.  When colas are touching, they are not growing to their maximum potential, because they don’t get enough light.  Use yoyos or scrog / trellis nets to spread out your colas evenly.  Worse yet, they can get mold due to reduced air flow between them.
  3. Use beneficial bacteria more often.  It doesn’t hurt to use it several times a week.  Use Recharge, make tea, whatever; you should apply beneficials at the stalk of your plant at least twice a week, in all phases of growth.
  4. Clean the glass in your hoods.  Dirty glass will severely limit the intensity of the light on your plant, reducing yield and growth speed.
  5. Use Foliar spray.  There are lots of em out there and they all work.  I use “liquid light” from dutch master.  If you’re not using a foliar spray, your plants are not growing as quickly as they could be.
  6. Grow in appropriate pot sizes.  DWC and Aeroponics grow plants faster because they bathe the roots in nutrient solution constantly.  If you’re using a medium, you can’t do that, but you CAN treat your plants to a frequent wet / dry cycle.  If you put a small plant in a big pot, you won’t be able to drench it’s roots every often, because you have so much medium that just sits there, wet.  Your pot should get “light” frequently.  If it’s still heavy after 2 days, your pot is too big.
  7. Calibrate your PH and PPM meter.  Enough said.
  8. Use Calcium and Magnesium in all growth stages.  Some of the mass of buds is made up of calcium.  I use Cali magic at 4ml/gal all the way.
  9. Housekeeping.  Dead leaves on the floor?  Dirty grow room?  Clean it up; this is an invitation for bugs.
  10. Spend time in your room.  Pretend The Captain were coming to visit your room, and get in there and get busy.  For most of us, it only takes a dedicated hour a day to keep things tip top shape.  A little bit of work goes a very long way in producing top shelf, quality bud.