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It’s harvest day!

Down she came, 891g rough trimmed and hanging should become around 5.5-6 oz cured. Not bad for a test grow in a 3 gal fabric pot.

Her sisters (dubbed, wait for it… #2, #3 and #4. I know, it’s the best the committee could come up with on the spot) are still plodding along, and are looking like they’ll be closer to 12-week phenos—all of this is an interesting twist when the seed pack said 9 weeks. This one ran 71 days and finished quite a bit ahead.  Not that I’m complaining (much)–#4 looks like she may be a carbon copy of her Sour Diesel mom anyway and since I was looking for a decent Sour D “ish” pheno I potentially got two keepers out of the first 5 seeds (one died after germ).

This one has rough “knobby” flowers with some foxtail outgrowths featuring beautiful maroon foliage with autumnal reds, yellows and a hint of purple set against bright green calyxes and sparse orange pistils.

Sour Apple (Apple Kush) Pheno #1, wet, rough trim.

Sour Apple (Apple Kush) Pheno #1 and her crispy sister #2 behind her. #2 won’t..ahem..be making the cut.

Sour Apple (Apple Kush) Pheno #1, beautiful knobby structure with a couple outgrowths. Maroon fan leaves sparse pistils and hints of purple set against bright green calyxes.