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I harvested my cream Caramel auto by Sweet seeds at 86 days got 5 and 1/2 zips of nice tasty nugs colas the of 1 liter bottles of soda. My AK-77 auto by Victory seeds I harvested at 100 days got me 9 and 3/4 zips of nice nugs smells great tastes great. Plus I harvested a few others that was a of the following. Critical by unknown 2 1/2 zips. White widow x big bud autoflower by female seeds got 2 3/4 zips. White widow x haze cbd 20:1 I stunted the shit out of cause I’m still new only 7 months into my indoor grow experience ended up with only a half zip from her but super frosty pics of all the plants I talked about except for the white widow x big bud.