Where would we be without DGC producer/contributors like Soup, Coach Steve and Jmystro to name a few and of course the Dude, Scotty and Guru but that’s a given.

Between these guys/gals I don’t think there is a cannabis grow question or problem they can’t handle. They answer the full encyclopedia of cannabis related questions from A-Z and answer correctly. They also constantly canvas and answer the “Grower Questions” posts as well as contribute their own insightful post and columns. My hats off to all the DGC producer/contributors.

Merry Christmas, Happy End to this Year and Happy Growing in the New Year 🙂

Recharge the Fourth Macronutrient


INDICA is Medicinal, SATIVA is Recreational

Elon Musk, the Einstein of thought and application.

Being poignant is acceptable, being pointed is not.

“The sooner you get behind the more time you have to catch up.” Bill Duncan