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  Hey DGC Producers! I live on a giant rock basically in a house made of wood like cardboard. Controlling heat upstairs where the grow tents are has been a challenge to say the least.

  This has involved placing different fans in key parts of the house for strategy… putting a portable AC unit pointed at the hottest room….which just so happens to be where the grow tents are. The AC is then Vented out the neighboring bathroom along with the tents exhaust. It gets the job done  somewhat with max temps getting about 85 with an outdoor temp of 105. Ya gotta do what you can when you don’t have Central air conditioning.

I finally installed ATTIC FANS  in the attic above the grow room. These little 150 dollar fans have been easy, breezy, beautiful I got you covered girl. DO NOT BE INTIMITATED BY THE WIRING. Its pretty simple black to black. White to white seal it with an electrical cap thing….It Is only 120 volts so I just wired  it to a 14 GUAGE extension chord replacement…..this way I can just plug into outlet with another extension chord. Every time it gets about 85 to 90 in the attic now those fans kick it.

Hope this helps a grower who can’t beat the heat.