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this is my first round in a no till living soil. basically the “coots mix’ with about 70% local amendments with high quality worm castings and bio char mixed in. also mixed in some of the malted barley from build a soil. using build a soil 12 seed cover crop and some straw much. i have them in 15 gal. soft pots . wish i could put them in the ground but i have to chase the sun at my house unfortunately and its not easy lugging these heavy fakas around lol. watering about every 2 days. also brewing knf teas for almost every other water. during veg i was doing foliar sprays with mountain organics botanical tonics and dragonflyearthmedicine along with knf brews. neem oil foliar sprays in veg for pest and disease. everything is looking very happy n healthy and I’m excited to see the first harvest!