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Wasssupp DGC!! I have been trying out Greenpoint seeds over the past year and have run a few of their beans. Almost all of them have had issues and some have strait up flopped rite off the rip In veg sometimes in flower. I realize issues happen but these are Just all over the place. Along side these have been some seeds from Growers Choice And bag seeds from years past of favorites from the black market with not one issue. Their purple crash seems to be the only one that seems to have any promise. However it has not made it to flower yet. Grape Jelly’s died week 1 in veg while bag seed purple punches were running fine. The rum runner is a absolute dice roll out of 5 seeds I got one that grew properly and only made it to week 7 of flower and gave up on life while the 3 GC Headbands were running strong. Not gonna lie tho even at week 7 it was some fire smoke. I figured I’d give them one more go and ran three more and one Hermed  two weeks into flower at every single bud site in almost every calyx,  other two are fine. I reached out to them and they without hesitation And no questions asked me to pick a replacement and sent me one seed. One seed tells me this is common and they don’t care at all that they just forced me into a two plant run that will not sustain mine and my wife’s meds. After looking threw their entire line up they are clearly pollen chuckers with countless either purple punch or animal cookie crosses. Wish I had just listened to the DGC and not tried to be cheap when it came to my genetics and now have a small collection of useless seeds that I will have to just throw out. Sorry for the long post Just wanted to throw my experience with Greenpoint so hopefully no one else in the community has to go threw what I have with them. Waste of time and money do yourself a favor and spend the extra few bucks with a reputable breeder.