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Hey DGC, Looking for some advice on handling heat and humidity in my tent.  Based on some great feedback, I recently started adding CO2 to my grow.  I have a 4 x 4 Gorilla Grow Tent.  3 – 4 ft long Rapid LED COB fixtures.  I have  the 4 x 4 frame to put all the lights together, but kept the rails separate to account for different plant sizes.  Each fixture has 320 maximum watts but are dimmable.  I recently purchased a CO 2 tank, regulator and controller. CO 2 falls in from the top where I also have a carbon filter attached to a can fan.   Because of the extreme humidity created by the closed tent and CO2, I just purchased a Toshiba dehumidifier.

Since the tent itself has to be closed up as it sits in an office that I use, the heat created inside is pretty intense.  I have a lot of plants. 11 of them but just in 1 or 2 gallon pots as I’m just testing out a bunch of strains to help with sleep. In flower now so adjusted lights to be at 1000 par at the top of canopy.  That made the heat go up to 102.  I then dimmed the lights to get to 600 par at top of canopy but temps still get up to 95.  I’m concerned that if I dim them more I’m going to lose a lot of the potential.  What options do you think I have to maximize my grow.  Should I just ditch the CO2, or remove one of the light rails to try to reduce heat.  Also, even with the dehumidifier set at 50 RH I’m still seeing about 60% RH readings, but figure I can try to set the dehumidifier lower to see if it pulls more water out of the air. Bonus question. Is it ok to use the water that the dehumidifier pulls to rewarded my plants. Thanks in advance.