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DGC, Once again thanks for all you do to put a show on every weekday.

Grown in an 8×4′ (4×4 footprint) i have 4 plants under a Phillips 315 cmh in a Current Culture 4xl system. They are shy of 5 weeks of flower, 2 Durban Poison and 2 Blueberry Kush.

Due to some crazy stretch that i neglected to control with the trellis (Will make sure to control this next grow and not grow two completely different plants..)  i have the two back plants growing far taller than the front and on some of the taller tops.  i have noticed some curling of the leaves edges that i assume is heat related as it is only about 12-18″ from the CMH, i have fans blowing etc. but i just let them grow to far out of control height wise for my tent.

Can you confirm this is in-fact heat stress or do i have something else going on?

Air Temps Stay 70-76 at 50-55% RH

Jacks 3-2-1 for Nutes.