Hello DGC! If anyone is looking for a cheap, low wattage, and safe heater. I’ve been using the pet warmer heater with absolute success. It comes with stands and also has a hanging option which I find works like a charm. I attached a metal bar with screws that slide into the hanger slots on the back and lassode ratchet hangers and attached them to the top corners of my tent frame. This allows me to raise and lower the flat screen like heater at will. The heater has two options 100watt and 200watt and is enough heat to get my 3×3 tent to a very comfortable temperature. You can even plug into a timer which I opted to do for presice control for day and night temps. Don’t let your plants touch the heater! They don’t like it! I think it works great for small grow tents or multiple could work for larger grow spaces. I hope this helps a growmie out there somewhere. Rock on DGC!